How one thing leads to another

Last year I got a message from Big Telly Theatre Company. They were about to start work on a new piece of theatre, Freak Show, and novelist Bernie McGill had told them about my poems in Miracle Fruit, where I had written about such characters as The Great Irish Giant and the co-joined twins, the Fabulous Hilton Sisters. I sent the poems to Zoe and Nikki from Big Telly and this exchange resulted in them using some of the poems in Freak Show and in commissioning some new work from me about the Portrush Giant.

Freak Show was a tremendous success, an amazing piece of physical theatre and I really enjoyed working with the company.

This year I’ve been commissioned again by them, this time to work on an exciting project, Sea Gods, Shipwrecks and Sidhe Folk, which will provide installations along the Causeway Coastal Route to entertain and engage tourists and reveal the history and stories of places along the way.

I love it when connections bear creative fruit. Bernie and I first met when we were both awarded an ACES award in its inaugural year and so the genesis of the work I’m doing now stretches back over the years.

Freak Show goes out on tour again in March 2019

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