Blood Horses

It has been a busy and exciting year with the development and launch of Blood Horses.

About this time last year a friend introduced me to the work of artist Paddy Lennon. I loved his paintings of horses and they chimed exactly with what I was working on, a series of poems about the Thoroughbred horse, its history and the three founding Arab stallions to whom all Thoroughbreds are genetically linked. The poems also looked at the long relationship that humans have had with horses. I contacted Paddy, we met up, got on well together and embarked on a collaboration that resulted in an exhibition and a beautiful limited edition book of poems and paintings.

So far the exhibition and poems have appeared at Aspects Festival in Bangor, the Downpatrick Racecourse and the beautiful Royal Dublin Society Library. They will be at the John Hewitt Summer School in August 2019 and plans are afoot for them to travel to other racecourses in Ireland and England.

It has been one of my favourite projects and the feedback on the book has been fantastic. If you would like more details go to Blood Horses

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