Time is a strange thing

When the children were young and I was younger than I am now, I was always busy and yet there was always time to write – late at night or in intense bits of ‘time out’ of the usual run of things. Now that in theory I have a lot more time and I am a lot less busy, it feels as if there is hardly any time to write. Yet I feel the pressure of time getting shorter, of the probability of there not being a lot of time left.
Maybe it is energy I’m missing – or a sense of purpose? Or perhaps I just spend too much of my time on Facebook.
Whatever – I’m looking forward to taking some unpaid leave over the summer and not having the pressures of work. Having more time . Hopefully doing some serious reading and some writing. Alongside having a few more lie-ins, pottering in the garden, doing a bit of travelling and generally enjoying myself of course. Hope there is time for all of it!


  1. I only work ten hours a week, Moyra, and I never seem to achieve very much. I should be painting and writing and the garden's a mess. I think you're correct about Facebook eating up time. I'm going to make a concerted effort to allocate a limited amount of time to check in(I can hear my husband snort with disbelief as I type this) I think a time management plan is the solution … just don't know if I've got the time to do it! Enjoy your summer. :)marion


  2. Thanks Marion – my granny used to say that time went more quickly as you got older and I used to think what nonsense that was – how could time go more quickly when it was a measured thing? Now I know exactly what she meant!


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