Places for poetry

I love reading in places that are not the usual venues for poetry readings, though the mezzanine level of the Larne to Cairnryan Ferry was almost too much of a challenge as I discovered it is quite difficult to read poems whilst feeling seasick. I also love historical buildings, so I am really looking forward to reading in two fantastic venues this coming weekend as part of the European Heritage Open Days.

 On Sunday 15th I’m reading in the unique Helen’s Tower, built by Lord Dufferin for his mother Helen. I’ll be in the poetry room at 10.00am and again at 2.00pm. This octagonal panelled room is decorated with poems engraved into metal plates and the views from the third floor windows are simply spectacular.

On Saturday 14th I will be reading in the drawing room at Mount Stewart at 2.30pm. It is a beautiful and sumptuous setting and I’m looking forward to reading my poem about Stubbs in a setting that has an actual Stubbs painting adorning the stairway.

I’m half tempted to go all out and dress the part as well.

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