Catch Up

I haven’t posted on here for quite a while, so thought I’d do a little catch up.

I took some time off work over the summer to give the writing a bit more space and managed to have quite a productive time. I spent a great week in Ty Newydd, the Welsh Writers’ Centre in the company of a fantastic bunch of poets, including Carol Ann Duffy and Gillian Clarke. It got me really re-energised and thinking about poetry so I’ve been doing lots of reading and a bit of writing too. I came across a Canadian poet, M  Travis Lane, that I hadn’t previously read and am really enjoying her work. I’ve also been revisiting Tess Gallagher through her book, ‘Midnight Lantern’ and I’ve been enjoying ‘Furniture’ by Lorraine Mariner from Picador Poetry.
On the writing side, I’ve just been trying to stick with it, defy that blank page and put some words down without worrying too much about what it ‘is’.

A good resource, link here
have a look.

Of course the highlight of the year for me has been the publication of my Selected Poems from Liberties Press
Hopefully I will have news of a launch date soon.

I’ve been doing some workshops; some fantastic poems from the participants at the Day Hospice, and I’m looking forward to attending a symposium in Newcastle upon Tyne next week to hear about working as a writer with people with dementia. I’ve also been mentoring a couple of poets working towards a first publication.

It’s great to have a bit of support and critical feedback on your work, at least I find it very helpful! I’ve had a lot of that this summer from various sources; thank you to those poet friends who give so generously.

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