Peace Camp, Love Poetry, Fiona Shaw and Mussenden Temple

As part of the London 2012 Festival, Director Deborah Warren was commissioned to create an installation to celebrate love poetry and landscape in collaboration with actor Fiona Shaw. Eight encampments will be set up in beautiful coastal settings and will be filled with lights, visual arts and a soundscape of love poetry. The camps are designed to be visited between dusk and dawn and there will be one set up at Mussenden Temple. I’m going to be working with two schools to enable the pupils to write and record their own love poetry to go into the tent. I think it’s a wonderful and ambitious project and can’t wait to see the finished installation.
I met Fiona Shaw at the Verbal Arts Centre last Monday and was privileged to read some work on stage with her. She was wonderfully inspirational and her performance of a range of poetry was amazing. I particularly enjoyed listening to her perform part of A Game of Chess, from The Wasteland – it was fantastic!

If you want to learn more about the whole Peace Camp project and how you can contribute on-line, go to

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