Desire and Dust

I’m just home from the launch of Abridged 0-23:Desire and Dust. It’s a classy publication, beautifully produced and I’m really pleased to have a poem included. The poem ‘The Flayed Horse’, is printed over an image by Ackroyd & Harvey, called ‘Burning the Bone’ from the making of ‘Polar Diamond’
It’s a fascinating project where the artists were given a polar bear bone by the Govenor of Svalbard in 2007 and they used technology to accelerate a process that usually takes millions of years – growing a diamond from graphite. They extracted the graphite from the cremated ash of the bone and grew the diamond with the support of the Royal Academy of Arts, London.
Look out for a copy of the magazine – there is lots of excellent stuff in it, images and words. A big congratulations to the editors Gregory McCartney and Maria Campbell.

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